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   Molinero Logistics has a cold store with a total capacity of 26000 pallets. The warehouse is divided into 4 chambers:
      - 2 Frozen chambers with mobile base shelves.
      - 1 frozen chamber with fixed shelves to be accessed through 5 automatic stackers.
      - 1 refrigerated chamber with fixed shelves to be accessed by forklifts.
   The facility is on a big area of our property that would allow expansion by five times the capacity of our logistics center.
   All frozen stores have a volume of 150000 m3 and are at a temperature of -28 º C, but we also have a 3500 m3 part of the store dedicated to refrigerated goods that is 5 º C.
   Our warehouse is located in Ólvega (Soria), a location that can reach 90% of the Spanish population in less than 5 truck hours.


   In our facilities we do not only store the goods but also orders can be prepared by fractionating the goods by layers or even boxes.
   To prepare orders we have a robot that allows layer picking at a rate more than sufficient to meet the demands of daily distribution of the major manufacturers. The remaining orders that are not layers are performed manually. The whole process of picking both boxes and layers is made at the same temperature at which it is stored, ie at -28 º C, so it is fully guaranteed the continuity of the cold chain.


   We have a camera with a capacity of 900 pallets that allows the preparation of the burden of up to 30 trucks in advance, what makes the process much faster.
   With our 9 loading docks that have to inputs and outputs of goods, we can make the movements corresponding to about 100 trucks a day.

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