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Business Career


   The company's origins date back to the 40's when the founder D. Eugenio Jiménez Cabello started carrying sacks of flour, oil and other products in the galleys towed by horses.
   Already in the 60's work began with the first Pegaso trucks distributing the sausage that is produced in Ólvega throughout the Spanish geography.
   Subsequently, the company has evolved with the changing needs of our customers and increasing the fleet to over 200 current vehicles.
   In 2004, over an area of 60000 m2 built our home base where we start to offer all types of complementary logistics services to transport (warehousing, picking, repacking, etc.). In 2009 the company acquired a new base opening Transfrial Alfaro (La Rioja) and in 2014 began the activities of our office in Zaragoza.


   The main objective of the company is to continuously increase the degree of satisfaction of our customers by providing the best services and providing the maximum work distribution and storage of their products while reducing the cost of the continuity of the supply chain.
   To achieve these objectives, we have a team of young, skilled and highly committed to the values of the company. This team focuses on solvency and quickly respond to the daily needs of our customers.


Molinero Concept Truck
   Molinero Logistics Group has continued, especially in so far this century provided an upward trajectory, not only in volume but also in variety and quality of services. For the next few years the trend will continue the sustained growth by adding new services to our offering and continually improving the competitiveness and quality of those where we have many years of experience.

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