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Integral Cold Logistics

Supply Chain
   Molinero Logistics offers its customers the most comprehensive integrated logistics services at low temperatures.
   From the manufacturer's home to the final distributor, we are able to cover with our own means the supply chain whatever the market conditions and production rates.
   We can arrange transport from anywhere in Europe to our store and from our warehouse to their final destinations alike. In our facilities we can split the goods either by layer or boxes. Even, if necessary, we can recondition containers carrying the distribution of goods to the smallest unit or otherwise package bulk material.
   Always since we pick the goods at client's house until final delivery to the customer, we maintain the right temperature for the merchandise. Our facilities allows us to work with temperatures between -28 º and 10 º being able to cover the most diverse range of products, mainly food sector.
   Commit to a single logistics operator as Molinero the task of bringing the product to its customers in the best conditions is the best way to optimize resources and time in your business, save costs and improve service.
   Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information or a quote from our comprehensive logistics service.

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