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Enterprise Policies


   Our company always tries to be in touch with the latest technological advances that help optimize the management of our resources and seize new business opportunities. All of these innovations contribute to improve the outcomes of our customers by reducing their logistics costs.
   Molinero Logistics has been a pioneer in technological systems such as fleet vehicle tracking in real time, digitization of documents, sending routes to integrated navigation devices in vehicles, data processing online of digital tachograph data and temperature, etc. We are continuosuly looking for new solutions.
   We also care about automating exchange of information with our customers through the use of EDI communications, aumated sending of reports and online communication through the website.


Certificado ISO 9001
   In Molinero Logistics, we believe that quality is a key factor to maintain our position and customer satisfaction, therefore, our quality policy is based on the following principles:
      • An outstanding team of people that for their technical skills and a clear commitment enables a good interaction with the customer.
      • Ability to respond to the requirements of the environment in general.
      · Use of art and technical innovation.
      • Transparency between different departments.
      · Address open.
      • Attention to integrated logistics chain with an excellent quality of service and value.
      • Availability 24 hours.
      • A fleet of trucks to date.
      · Determination of continuous improvement in all organizational processes.
   It is in this way finds the ideal of satisfying our clients, thus sustaining our image of continuity and solidity that characterizes us.
   In this framework, the available support and resources necessary for compliance. Looking for the excellence of our products based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and meeting the quality objectives.

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